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5000 unique and lovable NFTs flying about the Ethereum blockchain. Created to help people to learn about Ethereum, wallets, NFTs and crypto, whilst making some money on the way.

Cryptogeists NFTs

First Launch Date/Time (BST)








What are Cryptogeists?

Cryptogeists are loveable, unique and hugely collectable NFTs living in the Ethereum blockchain. Created programmatically, there will only ever be 5000 Cryptogeists in existence and no two Cryptogeists are exactly alike.

To help people learn about Ethereum, wallets, blockchains and NFTs, we have set the first 300 Cryptogeists at $50 each. Each release will cost more and ultra-rare will cost even more than that.

Range 0001 – 0300      –       13th October 2021        (0.015 ETH/$50)

Range 0301 – 1500      –        20th October 2021        (0.045 ETH/$150)

Range 1501 – 2500      –        27th October 2021          (0.085 ETH/$300)

Range 2501 – 3500      –       3rd September 2021     (0.17 ETH/$600)

Range 3501 – 5000      –       10th September 2021   (0.35 ETH/$1200)

Cryptogeist Attributes

23 The number of attributes vary for each Cryptogeist. all of them have a mouth shape (12 types), body colour (19), eye colour/type (28) and background colour (12), but then it gets interesting.

Some have glasses (9 types eg 3D, glass) and/or headgear (23 inc various colours). There are also special attributes (4) that only a small number of ultra-rare Cryptogeists have.

Ultra-rare Cryptogeist


MAY - JULY 2021

Learning Phase

With help from my dad, his friends and many YouTube videos, I learned how to create art using Photoshop, how to build a site using WordPress, the world of NFTs, how to mint them to the Ethereum blockchain and much more.


Creation Phase

5000 unique NFTs were created using layering in Photoshop. Twitter account set up, Opensea collection was started and we’re ready to start minting.


Launch Phase

All 5000 NFTs were uploaded to Opensea and the first 300 were listed for sale for just 0.015 ETH each. Launch on 13th October.


Utility Phase

All 5000 NFTs listed for sale on Opensea. This phase is to look into ways to financially reward Cryptogeist holders using blockchain technology. We want to start profit sharing with the community.


Community Phase

When all NFTs are sold, Cryptogeist clothing will be created and available on Amazon for the world to purchase. 75% of profits to be shared amoungst the holders of the NFTs using the blockchain to verify.

Quality branded clothes

We’ve not even launched and we’re already talking to a company about manufacturing and selling Cryptogeist branded clothing! Profits from the sale of each items will be shared with the holders of the NFTs.

It won’t be cheap t-shirts, but something more classy, such as the unisex hoodie shown here.

We’re keen to grow and financially reward our community, so if you’re a clothing company, or a Cryptogeist holder with some great ideas, get in touch with us and let’s create the future together. 


Cryptogeist Branded Hoodie